lunedì 7 dicembre 2020

Drone Box

New collaboration with Akhila self care box.

We create, the drone box, a meditation set with one of our 808 cymbal drone generator desktop or eurorack.

Here a link for the Drone Box and a Video

sabato 14 marzo 2020

Mono Cassa

New Lumanoise Mono Cassa

Based around the LepLoop V2 cassa design.
It have an internal tempo\trig generator, tow LDR for control the frequency and resonance, can be set on/off by dedicated switch.
The External trig in, can accept trig\ cv \ gate \ audio \ solar panel \ piezo mic signal.

Demo video:

A  B  C

Trig Mix pot.
Mix between the internal trig\tempo generator, all left, and the above external trig in jack.
As external trig many different signals can be used: trig, gate, cv, audio etc.

Freq. pot.
Adjusts the pitch of Cassa sound, also affects resonance.

Reso. pot.
Adjusts the resonance, i.e. the Cassa damping time.
Beyond a certain level the Cassa go into permanent oscillation.  
The level at which the oscillation begins varies with frequency.

Dist pot.
Adjusts the Cassa distortion level.
Tempo pot.
Adjust the internal tempo generator speed. 

Reset button.
Reset the internal tempo generator.

Clock\trig out jack.
Above the tempo pot. a trig out jack for synchronize external device.

Touch screw.
To the bottom right corner, tapping the screw will doubles the tempo speed.
Switch 1\2.
These switches activate the LDR control on the frequency and resonance potentiometers.
When off, bottom position, the LDR are disconnected.
When on, top position, the LDR are connected in parallel to the potentiometer.
LDR 1 controls the frequency pot, LDR2 controls the resonance pot.

Mono Cassa accept 12v DC center positive 2mm tip.

Design: Tonylight & Peppo Lasagna
Grafic : Rugge

mercoledì 26 settembre 2018

Lumanoise V3 - V4 Eurorack

Lumanoise V3\V4 update:
I've add extra high gain audio input for lumanoise V3, some audio improvement on Lumanoise V4

New Lumanoise V3 and V4 14HP eurorack version.
Cv control over cut off and oscillator frequency with cv amount control.
Lumanoise V3 have 2 SAW oscillator and a noise generator for drone noise, experimental texture.
Lumanosise V4 it's based around Oscar Sala Trautonium, 4 sub oscillator, VCA cv in, for experimental chord drone.

lunedì 10 ottobre 2016

New Lumanoise models v3 / v4 / v5

The Lumanoise v3 have 2 sawtooth oscillator: SAW1 for bass frequencies, SAW2 for the high frequency and a white noise generator.
It is possible to connect an external LDR or a variable resistor.

The Lumanoise v4 have 4 trautonium like sub oscillator,
it is possible to connect an external LDR or a variable resistor.
The Lumanoise v5 have a white noise generator, an external mono audio, if you connect the small solar panel to the audio input, you can amplified the sound the solar panel produce with different type of light, solar panel is sensible to a wild range of light frequencies, while LDR is sensible only to the intensity of light.